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About – Overflow Resource


Overflow Resource was created by Andrea Olson after years of working with small and medium sized churches and the unique challenges that they face. In addition to starting Overflow Worship in 2014, Andrea (with her family in tow) travels the country leading worship and hosting training workshops for worship leaders and their teams. After spending time with many leaders learning about the common questions and obstacles that the local Church faces in the area of worship, Andrea began compiling a list of needed resources, and now in 2020, Overflow Resource is finally here! This website begins with resources around Andrea’s newest single, “Monument”. Here you will find an acoustic music video, tutorial videos as well as all the resources you should need to apply this song to your local context. 

The heart behind this organization is to be a continual resource for the Church. Content will be added frequently, and you, as a ground floor subscriber, can have access to everything as we add it. We cannot wait to share this journey with you! Thank you for joining us.