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Harmony Tutorials- The Proof

With Andrea Olson

about the Speaker

Andrea Olson has always loved worship, writing songs for the Church and leading people into an encounter with God’s Presence. She has been a worship leader in various churches over the past several years in the Midwest. In 2010, Andrea started a unique 1:1 mentorship program for young local worship leaders. Andrea is also the founder of Overflow Worship, the Overflow Worship Conference (held each year) and Overflow Resource.

About The Tutorial

The purpose of this video is to be used as a practice tool for secondary or alto vocalists. This tutorial is an example of how you can support your lead vocalist. This video will be most useful for a vocalist who is already able to hear parts. We will be releasing additional resources in 2022 for beginning vocalists and those new to singing parts.  

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Rehearsal Tracks

“The Proof” Alto Rehearsal Track