Gratitude is Purposeful

about the author

Andrea Olson is a worship leader, recording artist, coach and founder of Overflow Worship, a ministry for Worship Leaders and entire teams.  Andrea (with family in tow) travels the Midwest  leading worship, training teams and equipping church leaders with practical tools to thrive in ministry. Andrea continues to release new songs for the church to sing and new resources on overflowresource.com, which she started in 2020, to help churches train their leaders and worship teams.

The Gratitude Series

This blog in the Gratitude Series was written from the heart of worship leader and Overflow Resource founder, Andrea Olson.

Gratitude is at the heart of Overflow Resource. Join us as we walk through life marked with gratitude for our Savior. Whether you are a worship leaders, worship team member, ministry volunteer, or simply love the Church, welcome! We’re glad you’re here.

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I have found so much power and value in focusing on gratitude, purposefully stopping to think about what I am grateful for. I have found when I stop and look back and take notice of what God has done in the past, it helps set me up for a better perspective moving forward. That’s why I wanted to start this blog, it is  something fun to do together and hopefully it is encouraging for you and your journey.

I am grateful right now that I am writing from a different space. It seems so small. But a change of scenery is what I needed. A change of place plus a change of pace equals a change of perspective. That’s what I am really grateful for.

I just wanted to take a little bit of time and encourage you. I know that it’s really easy to get distracted by all of the crazy happening right now in the world. Whether it’s the pandemic, the political atmosphere, or the fear that so many people are feeling about any or both of those things. The heartache, hurt and sickness- there is so much going on. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed.

What helps me is shifting my focus. It’s one of those things that doesn’t necessarily change my circumstances, but it changed my perspective and lifts my spirit and heart. It helps me to move forward in strength and courage. I encourage you whatever is going on, whatever you’re facing, stop and look back at how faithful God has been.  It’s a powerful perspective that can propel and spring you into the next week.

That’s why I write these on Sunday nights. Because it’s a springboard into my week. Think back on your week and choose one or two things that you’re like, “wow I am very grateful for that. Thank you, God, for pulling me through that.” It can be a really small thing, like the sunshine (which actually isn’t small, its huge and miraculous). Once you’ve reflected on the last week then think ahead to the next week, and that will help you to look ahead with purpose and renewed perspective.

I invite you on this journey, to encourage you to take time and make this a purposeful time. A breath of fresh air to think and reflect. I encourage you to use this as a catalyst to lead you into something even sweeter. Even after you read this, take time to sit and be, and let the Holy Spirit speak to your heart. Asking God to show you what to be grateful for this last week. Take the time to be in his presence. God is always speaking; we just need to quiet ourselves and listen.

I am so grateful for this time. Leave comments, connect with us and we would love to hear what you are grateful for and how we can pray for you.

God, I thank you for these friends, I thank you for what you are doing and how you are moving. I thank you that you are stirring hearts to be grateful and have a renewed perspective. God I pray you would help all of us to shift our mind and perspective toward gratitude. I thank you for how you are so faithful to meet us and speak to us.

I pray for each person reading this. I pray they would be able to find time to quiet their hearts and listen. I pray guidance, safety and protection. I pray your will be done in their lives. I pray they would encounter your presence in ways like never before. God, I thank you, Amen.

We may not be grateful for every situation, but we can be grateful in every situation.