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Andrea Olson is a worship leader, recording artist, coach and founder of Overflow Worship, a ministry for Worship Leaders and entire teams.  Andrea (with family in tow) travels the Midwest  leading worship, training teams and equipping church leaders with practical tools to thrive in ministry. Andrea continues to release new songs for the church to sing and new resources on overflowresource.com, which she started in 2020, to help churches train their leaders and worship teams.

The Gratitude Series

This blog in the Gratitude Series was written from the heart of worship leader and Overflow Resource founder, Andrea Olson.

Gratitude is at the heart of Overflow Resource. Join us as we walk through life marked with gratitude for our Savior. Whether you are a worship leaders, worship team member, ministry volunteer, or simply love the Church, welcome! We’re glad you’re here.

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My heart behind starting these blogs is encouragement. I am on a journey of learning what it means to refocus on gratitude , and how that shifts our perspective. I don’t have a specific agenda, I just wanted to bring you into my world a little bit and talk. I also like to sing and, in your case, read some scriptures and songs over you. I would love to have you be a part of the conversation, please reach out and tell me about your journey. Email or Instagram/Facebook message me. I would love to hear from you and what God is doing in your life.

I wanted to kick this off with talking about my journey on gratitude. For me it’s been a really big refocus of my mentality.

When we begin to think differently and begin to focus on gratitude, our perspective begins to shift, and our focus begins to align with the things that God wants us.

I recently (2020) released a song called Monument and a huge part of that is talking about gratitude. It’s also about making an intentional choice to remember what the Lord has done. And that is what’s on my heart- that we would purpose to stop and remember what God has done.

That has been my journey and that’s where the song came from. I wanted this season to be a stake in the ground, an intentional time to focus and remember what God has done and is doing. God is faithful and He won’t stop now. That is a huge reminder that I sometimes need daily. He is faithful. I have found the perspective to be so powerful and such a pivotal thing for me and my family.

We actually do this thing at dinner each night. We share what we are thankful for and it has been a really sweet things for our family. I always love hearing from my three-year-old, you never know what she is going to say! I love it! This is teaching our kids to come to the end of the day, talk about how their days were (sometimes we do highs and lows) and shifting our focus to gratitude. And remember it can be anything. I think sometimes we (adults) get too deep in our heads about what big thing am I grateful for. But I think it’s important to discipline our minds and remember we always have something to be grateful for. I don’t mean that in a fluffy way, but we need the reminder that every time the sun comes up, it’s a miracle. Think  every day that we spend breathing and living, another miracle. Being with friends and family is a gift. And for me, my gratitude focus is that I’m grateful for some silence today. I got to spend some time being quiet and still. It’s not something I take for granted because I need it.

What I want you/us to do every week is to let this be your breath of fresh air and refocus. That’s what gratitude has been for me, it’s been a refocus. And it starts with remembering. We stop and look back on the day or the week and we intentionally remember what God has done. What is something in your life that God has done that you are genuinely grateful for? 

This begins to shift our perspective. Because what we focus on is what our heart starts to believe. We start to live through that filter and mindset and so if we focus on negativity and hardship all the time it begins to shift our perspective and immediately our minds will gravitate to negative things. I’m not saying you live outside of reality. But instead, it’s a choice to still be grateful in hard circumstances. It’s all about finding ways to be grateful while walking through our different circumstances.

I encourage you to think about it this week. 

How can I shift my mentality to gratitude? How can I begin to see things through a different perspective?

The reason I choose to write these on Sundays is because it’s my time to prep for the week. I have to prep school for my girls, work hours, and meals. I am a systems person and it’s how I feel ready and set up for the week to come. My brain can begin to race when looking at everything in front of me, so I purposely took this time before I do all of that, to quiet and still my heart and mind and focus on what truly is important.

Being grateful in each circumstance is where it starts. Find time today or this week to remember and refocus for this week and then move forward with intentionality. Be grateful in your circumstance. God is honored in that. He is so faithful. I believe that our active gratitude is an act of praise. We are thanking Him. It’s an act of praise and gratefulness.

I forget sometimes that we can do it whenever. We can praise him in the middle of the day, we can praise him the evening. Whatever this looks like for you, I challenge you to remember and refocus. I hope that you continue to read these and feel encouraged and renewed.

A place I go in my own house, once all the kids are asleep is this back hallway in our house. It’s quiet and I sit and pray, thanking God for our kids and more, but I also just sit and let the Lord speak to me. And that’s what my heart is for you. That you will be able to find that space and let the Lord speak over you. Then we can walk our days with purpose and gratitude. It helps us to realize what we are choosing to focus on. We do have a choice. We become what we put in. We really do. And when we have that perspective and pare it with gratitude things begin to change. It doesn’t mean that everything will change but it is a powerful mindset. Like I said you don’t have to be grateful for everything, but you can be grateful in everything.

God, I thank you for each person reading this. I thank you for what you’ve laid on my heart. I pray for an open heart to refocus and remember your faithfulness. I pray God would open our eyes to see the good in the circumstances around us. I pray that the Holy Spirit would come and dwell with us. I pray for all those who read this, that you would supply their needs. Thank you, Jesus, Amen.

We may not be grateful for every situation, but we can be grateful in every situation.