Spiritual Growth

God Victorious – A 3-Day Devotional -Day 2

By Andrea Olson

Day 2

We bring our worship
We lift our hands up
You’re the One who fights for us
You are God victorious

-Lyrics from “God Victorious”


The truth we were reminded of yesterday is that God is always with us. However, when we are in the battle, that’s hard to remember. But, even in the hardest seasons, the Lord is with you and even more than that, the Lord your God, fights for you. This phrase has been used quite a bit in recent years, but for me, it means something personal. When I think of battle, I think of tension and fear. And I think of soldiers who need to be strong and well trained to fight through that tension and anxiety, which I am not equipped for. But, God, in His endless strength, is. He has never lost a fight. He takes on my battles and I get to hide in His shadow. What a God He is!

Exodus 14:14 says God will fight for us. All we need to do is be still. In the New Living Translation it says, “Just stay calm.” Which is so much easier said than done. How can I stay calm in the tension? Well, my whole life, I have found that the most peaceful place is worshipping in His presence. So, what if our piece of the battle is…worship? He fights. We worship. God wins.

The beautiful thing about that is worship invokes the exact opposite of what battle invokes in me. Worship brings peace. God sends me to a place of total peace and safety while He goes and fights the battle. There is an active piece to this as well. It takes trust and sacrifice on our behalf, which we will talk about tomorrow. But isn’t that just like our caring Father to send us to a place of peace while He takes on the brutal battle?

I want to encourage you with this today. God hasn’t forgotten you or left you on your own. He goes with you. He sees your insurmountable obstacles and knows precisely what you need. He hasn’t asked you to fight your battle alone. He’s the One who knows the battle plan and can win on your behalf. So, even though you don’t know the outcome, worship is your weapon and your peace. Take some time today, to turn up the music, lift your hands and your voice in worship, and let Him take the on the rest.

“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” Exodus 14:14