Spiritual Growth

The Heart Of A Worshipper

With Meredith Andrews

about the Speaker

Passionate worship leader and Dove Award winning artist.  Songwriter of “Open Up The Heavens”, “Not For A Moment”, “Lamb of God” and more!  Meredith is passionate about worship and writing songs that bring healing and hope through leading people into the presence of God.  Meredith, her husband Jacob, and their three children call Nashville home. You can connect with Meredith HERE.

About The Session

Recorded during Meredith Andrews’ 2017 breakout session entitled “The Heart of a Worshipper”, with wit and wisdom she dives into what it means to lead people’s hearts into an encounter with Christ. Drawing on her experience leading worship for over a decade, Meredith will walk you through everything from planning your set list, to how to lead with grace when your community has varied worship preferences. 

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Meredith Andrews

Length: 49:49

Topic: The Heart Of A Worshipper